by Dean Briggs


...where Father secretly reveals your destiny while you rest

Why does God whisper at night? Simple. So you don't interrupt when He calls you higher. 🚀

Through all of history and Scripture, rulers have received dreams. Why? Because dreams are part of how God establishes people into their spheres of authority. As a child of the King, this is part of your birthright. 

The question is not whether dreams are real, or if God speaks through them. The question is: are you listening? Do you know how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit to practically advance your dream life? Is that even possible? (Hint: Yes!)

If the idea of dreams presently seems too strange or unpredictable to matter, don't give up. You can both experience and increase the unique, divine intelligence God sovereignly dispatches during the night. Dreams: Drop Zones & Thin Spaces will  liberate your thinking. Why does this matter? Because dreams are part of the love language of Heaven. Don't miss your love letters!

“Write the vision, make it that that one who reads it may run” (Hab. 2:2). When you properly steward your own dreams, you become the Writer, Reader, and Runner on a spiritually customized pathway to purpose. Over the course of five dynamic, practical teachings, author and dreamer Dean Briggs will help you unlock the untapped potential of your inner world.

Your five FREE sessions include teachings, notes & Quick Quizzes to help you understand:

  1. Dreams As “Drop Zones" for Divine Intelligence
  2. The Biblical Expectation for Culture-Shaping Dreams
  3. Divine Intelligence as a Rulership Imperative
  4. Dream Incubation: Practical Steps to Enhance Your Dream Life
  5. How to Guard Against the Contaminating Power of Bitterness on Your Dreaming Soul

“For God speaks — now one way, now another — though no one perceives it; in a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falls” (Job 33:14-15)


You could be a dream away from destiny!

Activate your dreams

then watch God 

use those dreams 

to activate your life